It will be ready in early April

The certainties revolve around the future structure of the national label Espace France Services: it will open in April as planned. It is administered by the City Hall, which will be a part of the Municipal Social Action Center (CCAS) and Cindy Derambure. “It will be a wonderful place, dedicated to the public in their various administrative processes and to the associations that can hold offices there: National Federation of Disabled Workers (FNATH), Chambers of Commerce, Rescue Bike, etc. The choice of Tavaux, the center of the canton , and Cindy Derambure, who is responsible for community life, is no accident. The young woman will benefit from her 12 years experience in the Jurassic Plain in a public MSA. The title Maison des Services du Finage strengthens Tavaux’s local vocation.

Greet the public in the best of conditions

“We completed a 6-day training course in the prefecture,” explains Cindy Derambure with Isabelle Bouvier from CCAS. Béatrice Besançon, also from CCAS, will follow this training. It was also obvious to integrate this community service. The premises are spacious and bright. Everything has been thought of to welcome the public in the best possible conditions. “

Each side of the huge space is dedicated to offices, a meeting / workshop room, and a digital room with free access to computer equipment and printers. A kitchen / sanitary block completes this arrangement. “A major cleaning is planned after work. Furniture like computer equipment and telephony will arrive. Everything had to be created. It’s a rich experience for the staff who have to work there. The areas of intervention range from training, employment / retirement, health prevention, family, justice, housing to mobility. In the specifications there is a mandatory basis of partners, specifies Cindy Derambure. But we’re not going to replace them. We have to define the boundaries on the first level and we will lead a speaker for each partner. “

The Maison des Services du Finage in the heart of the historic village should meet the expectations of many citizens.