Junk message removal is now a top priority for Apple

Reworked message filtering is what grabbed our attention when Apple released the second developer preview for iOS 16. You can tell the firm is serious about optimising your SMS-based communications with this upgrade.

Listed below are some of the new features that will be included in the next update:

For example, Truecaller and Apple’s own SMS filter are now able to categorise non-personal messages into 12 subcategories inside the “Transactions” and “Promotions” categories, thanks to the latest update. Customers may use the Transactions area to keep track of their financial transactions; the Promotions category provides deals and coupons.

Developers may now add these categories into their SMS filters at this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). As a result, it seems that the new categories will only be accessible to people in India. When Apple responds, we’ll let you know whether these subcategories are going to be offered in additional countries.

Extracted events, such as movie or train ticket bookings, will be available in Siri recommendations, Messages threads, and Calendar Inbox for Indian iPhone users. If you don’t want to miss your train, Apple wants to help.

Users in the United States may also rejoice. A new “Submit Junk” button will appear in the Messages app under the Unknown Senders category when iOS 16 is released, allowing users to report spam messages to their service providers. Only a few carriers will be able to use this function, according to Apple’s release notes for iOS 16 beta 2, but no details have been provided on which carriers will be allowed to use it yet.

Additionally, if you’re using a dual-SIM iPhone, you’ll be able to filter messages depending on the SIM they’re coming from.

The Microsoft SMS Organizer software, for example, has been helping Android users organise their SMS messages for years. This new sub-category section puts the Messages app in line with its Android competitors, even though Apple introduced filtering with iOS 14.