La Fouillouse. Bright screens to send a word of love

There is a public holiday on the calendar that returns on February 14th every year: Valentine’s Day. We are told that it is a commercial pretext! Maybe !

“In the old days” we went with our “darling” or “darling” to celebrate this festival of lovers in the restaurant … We also offered a bouquet of flowers … in short, so many small gestures to show your love to the beloved.

A selection of the best contributions

This year we will save money. The restaurants are closed: on the other hand, we can offer flowers.

And we can also testify in writing through the town hall of his love for his Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day.

There are a number of illuminated signs in the village ready to receive your messages of love. The best will be on February 14th.

So choose your words carefully because you don’t have to spread your word: Nine lines available, with 15 characters per line, punctuation and spaces between the words it contains.

It is little, but probably enough, to prove all you have in your heart to the loved one.

Your prose for Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day must arrive at the City Hall by February 10th at the latest.

You can either send it to [email protected] or to [email protected]