Land of Montfaucon. The accommodation at Dunières train station is changing its orientation

The elected representatives of the municipality of Montfaucon are responsible for the management of the Lodge of the Green Way, which is installed in the former SNCF station in Dunières. In view of the change in the direction of this structure, a resumption was requested.

Two potential buyers have come forward: one from Saint-Just-Malmont and the restaurant L’Insouciant in Dunières. The proposal adopted is that of Dunières. Nicolas Duchamp (40 years old), installed since 2016, is supported by David Roth (53 years old) who wanted to return to his original calling in 2019 after working at a newsagent in Firminy.

Taking over the cabin in a coordinated spirit

For these new buyers of the Lodge of the Green Way, it is a new challenge to manage this tourist area, which is under the aegis of the Municipality of Communities. As the situation calms on the verge of the pandemic, there will be a restructuring between the two institutions.

Nicolas Duchamp and David Roth explain that the station allows 20,000 passages per year to be drained using the bicycle rail, with the greenway presenting significant potential for activity. As we also know, the L’Insouciant restaurant is a meeting point for the Nursing Coffee Association, which is also currently being withdrawn from this reception.

The restaurant on rue du 11-Novembre 42 is very functional, has an open-air reception and is geared towards more refined gastronomy.

Combine the two activities

The two partners are in a period of reflection, but their goal is to position the two institutions. A bar activity with the IV license and the assurance of a pizza, burger and snack service would be set up at the station.

To cope with this, the recruitment of a chef was carried out within L’Insouciant and the station’s staff. Bicycle rental for trips on the greenway is available. Work is underway to welcome customers. The opening could take place in June, depending on the situation.