Lavigny. The SIA is preparing the georeferencing of the wastewater network of three municipalities

The Intercommunal Sanitation Syndicate (SIA) will georeference the sewage network in the municipalities of Lavigny, Montain and Le Vernois.

This full mapping of the network enables better planning of the work and optimization of the associated financial obligations.

These three municipalities have retained their expertise in the field of rainwater, and the syndicate is offering them to join a group of assignments by arrangement that will enable each municipality to map and georeference its rainwater network as well.

The georeferencing of the network and the passage of a camera to check its condition, which is to be carried out next spring, cost around 2,500 euros for the Lavigny community as part of the order grouping.

Given the interest in an up-to-date mapping, the local council decided unanimously to join the grouping of orders.

The SIA has almost 500 subscribers, treats a water volume of more than 50,000 m³ in the activated sludge treatment plant and has 18 km of separate pipes.