L’Étrat. “The construction of the new kindergarten is the showcase project”

What do you remember from 2020?

“Given the tremendous problems caused by the pandemic, I was deeply touched by the mobilization, courage, importance of efforts and solidarity of my constituents towards the hardest hit. The elected officials did not stand idly by and we were faced with unforeseen expenses such as buying 10,000 masks, hiring additional staff for extra-curricular hours, continuously cleaning school buildings, etc. at an exceptional 100% discount on local tax Outdoor advertising for dealers …

“Real estate projects are being implemented”

In particular, numerous investments were made to create the Maison de Quartier on rue Jean-Moulin and to develop a library at the Ollières public school. Road works were carried out, the sidewalks on the Chemin des Genêts repaired, the Route des Bruneaux repaired and the Rue de la Paix upgraded for safety reasons, an access ramp installed in front of Les Acanthes intended for people with reduced mobility and signs brought up to new ones Standards. “”

What are the projects?

“2021 will be another year of rejuvenation in the population, with many young couples arriving. This implies an increase in the number of schoolchildren, especially in kindergarten classes, with the prospect of a class opening. Real estate projects will mean that young households, but also seniors who want to leave their oversized pavilion, but remain in their living environment, will be welcomed.

One of the main creations will be the start of construction of the new kindergarten, which meets all criteria (safety, health, accessibility, ergonomics, etc.) for 24 children. It will be in an exceptional setting, far from the main road. The road network program is honored with the completion of the work on the Chemin des Genêts, the installation of traffic lights in the Rue de Verdun to secure the crossing in front of La Poste. “

L’Étrat – “A medical center built during the year”


“The city will have the pleasure of welcoming a multidisciplinary medical center. It will be built during the year with the installation of a large pharmacy and various medical professionals. “”

Sustainable development

“The city will replace sodium lamps with LEDs. We will also commission a thermal study of the Gabriel Rouchon room. At the next municipal council, the elected officials will vote from midnight to 6 a.m. to turn off the public lights, with the exception of the city’s two main axes. In addition to savings of 26,000 euros, this contributes to the preservation of flora and fauna. In collaboration with Saint-Étienne Métropole, we will clean and develop the banks of the Furan. Further measures will be initiated this year. “”


“The management is very well controlled and we have a strong self-financing capacity. The city is not in debt despite an economic situation that will be very difficult. We remain confident that we will carry out all of the mandate’s projects. “”