Loire. 25,000 euros of digital material for the Panissières schools

On Tuesday evening, a unanimous vote was taken on new Covid-19 aid for local traders in the amount of 200 euros, accompanied by the community of the community of Forez Est (CCFE).

The large digital foundation proposed by Régine Terraillon on behalf of the School and Social Committee is unanimously chosen for tablets, screens, etc. This corresponds to costs of 25,000 euros (with support of 7,000 euros).

The membership agreement for the “Small Town of Tomorrow” contract was also unanimously adopted.

The choice of green energy

Sylvie Faye presented the extension for three years with the Siel purchasing group (Syndicat intercommunal des energies de la Loire) for the electricity contract. “We support the development of renewable energies (hydraulic, wind, solar, etc.). The supplier guarantees that he has fed in an amount of renewable electricity that corresponds to the customer’s consumption,” explains the assistant.

The Economic Commission, based on ecology and solidarity, proposes to stay as before to take a first step of 10%, which corresponds to a significant increase of 32%. “This does not prevent us from continuing to find solutions to use less energy. “”

After the debate, the vote was: 3 votes for 0%; 15 votes for 10%; 2 abstentions.

Grégory Dussud presented the sale of a house with a plot of 20 m² overlooking the parking lot from March 19th.

The buyer’s proposal was 25,000 euros, while the domains reacted very quickly to 27,720 euros, the sale at the buyer’s price was unanimously decided. The amendment to the CCFE Statutes and the Agreement on the Instruction of Approvals of the CCFE was voted unanimously.