Loire. Avian influenza: prolonged detention in Sainte-Foy-Saint-Sulpice

Eight communities are on high alert following the discovery of five dead swans in Arthun carrying the avian flu virus.

“All poultry owned by operators and individuals must be kept strictly in a building to prevent the virus from spreading. Individuals must register and report them to the town hall using the CERFA document that has been distributed to them and is available in the town hall, ”Mayor Michaël Miomandre told the city council on Friday 5th February.

Conditions valid until February 16th

He continues: “The municipality keeps a register listing all owners. In the event of a failure, reviews are carried out and penalties are imposed.

These conditions are valid until Tuesday, February 16th. If a new dead animal is found carrying the virus by then, slaughter can take place and these conditions are extended by 21 days. “”