Loire. In Saint-Sauveur-en-Rue, “the mayor worries about the youth”

For the entire communal team, the traditional meeting of wishes to the population is an important moment of meeting, a moment of conviviality and exchange that will be missing this year, marked by the Covid and social distancing.

However, this beginning of the year is the opportunity to bring the news to the community and the projects will continue. The road on Gimel is being renewed.

“Constantly adapt to the Covid”

The bowling green and the tennis courts at the train station are being renovated. Work on the Ex-OVE building (Œuvre du Village d’Enfant) will continue. The public school and Nursery Assistant House can move there by the end of the year.

The development project for young people is progressing. It will be located under the gym, but the equipment type has yet to be determined. Finally, the sanitation will be renewed on Place des Platanes and Rue de la Vialle.

Robert Corvaisier explains: “The beginning of the mandate went very well. There was a good transition and cohesion with the old and new elected. The follow-up to the files was able to continue and the progress of the 2021 projects has not stopped. “

But the mayor qualifies: “It will be much more complicated in 2021 and for the future. We have to constantly adapt to the Covid. What we miss most is human contact. I am worried about our youth, who are currently suffering mentally from the fact that they cannot do anything (meetings, balls, parties, etc.). We must remain vigilant in order to return to a better situation. “”