Loire. The Mayor of Lézigneux presents his projects for the year 2021

Patrick Romestaing, Mayor of the city, presents the projects for the year 2021.

The changing room on the football field is aging. The building dates from 1981. Renovation and expansion work is also planned for an amount of 200,000 euros excluding taxes. The consultation on the choice of the project manager has started.

“Take care of the many Lézignoise associations”

The road repair program in 2021 will cost around 150,000 euros. It will cover several routes (in Champanet-le-bas, Vallensanges, Saillant, Les Banchets) and a new section on the Mérigneux road for a third phase of work.

A reflection and a preliminary study are in progress for the relocation of the library to the Houlgatte house (bought by the municipality in 2013 for the extension of the town hall in the rear part). Refurbishing this building with a view of the square would create harmony for the whole. The proximity of the schools would encourage access for children.

The municipality also has the option of purchasing a plot of land in a subdivision adjacent to the school complex, which creates geographical continuity with the other urban spaces.

“We will endeavor to offer the young elected representatives of the CMJ (local youth council) life and work in their projects, the first step being the installation of a table tennis table towards the city stadium.

It is also one of our concerns to take care of the many Lézignois associations that are partially or fully prepared with the current health context and to be as close as possible to them, ”emphasized the mayor.

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