Loire. The Mayor of Saint-Agathe-en-Donzy wishes “a prospect of renewal of the village”

How did you live this year 2020?

“Our community was shaped by the Covid-19 pandemic, but also by other tragic events, and still had some reasons to be satisfied last year. The plots in the subdivision are finding buyers, like many vacant apartments that offer the prospect of renovation for our village. While our financial situation remains fragile, our debt remains high, improving our cash flow opens up some investment opportunities. 2020 was also an election year with the renewal of the local councils and the establishment of a new team whose inauguration was somewhat delayed but which mobilized very quickly to work for the good of the community. and its inhabitants. “”

Has the Covid-19 affected many residents?

“Fortunately, our city has been relatively spared the coronavirus, few cases have been identified, but the epidemic is still ongoing and nothing is definitely certain. We are all excited for this scourge to go away so that normal life can be resumed, that consists of meeting, sharing, especially during the celebrations organized by our associations, and re-establishing the essential social connections in the life of our small community. “”

What is the community planning for 2021?

“Investments were not significant in 2020 to prepare investments for 2021. Several grant applications have been submitted to the Region and the Ministry. Repair work on the bell tower will be carried out in the first quarter of 2021. For the amount of this work, which is € 13,558.20 excluding taxes, 80% of the grant was received.

A renovation of the parish hall is planned: replacement of the doors and windows of the old part, aluminum joinery and installation of aluminum shutters, labor costs: 25,229.17 excluding taxes. We are waiting for the subsidies, which should reach 80%.

As for the roads, the work will be carried out in 2021. With 60% financial support from the department, an envelope of approximately € 13,000 excluding taxes will be provided for this program. A diagnosis of the roads is carried out with the services of the department under a technical assistance agreement.