Loire. Traffic, parking, speed … the evolution of the studied city center in Saint-Romain-en-Jarez

How is your third term going?

“The current context requires adaptability. The parish council meetings are face to face, with barrier gestures being observed. On the other hand, the meetings in Saint-Étienne Métropole and in the Loire Intercommunal Energy Syndicate (Siel) take place by video conference, which does not replace human contact. The city council has been renewed by more than 50%, making it difficult for newly elected officials to soak up the files. During the delivery, I emailed the instructions from the prefecture and set up the requested protocols. I want to applaud the hard work of the canteen, schools, and extracurricular staff. In order to apply the instructions, we had to employ employees on specific contracts to look after the canteen of the two schools separately. “”

Where are the plans for this mandate?

“A tender is being launched to develop the city center in terms of traffic, parking and speed reduction.

On the RD65 between Grange-Clarard and Croix-Chavanne, we want to improve safety and traffic here too.

In rue Abbé-Pagon, renovation work on the retaining wall awaits the results of a study.

A study has also been started to reduce the energy consumption of the Henri Poncet multipurpose room.

Carpentry and exterior insulation work is currently being carried out at Maison Relave, which comprises five locations.

In the Côte-Gauthier subdivision, four houses are under construction and two more will emerge from the ground. All lots are sold. Things are on the right track for the construction of old people’s homes. People isolated from hamlets can move closer to the village in a new space.

There remains a problem with affordable rental housing for young couples. The topography of the country and the PMR (people with reduced mobility) standards make the project difficult. However, I am optimistic that we can find a solution. “”

Do you have a specific message to convey?

“Yes, I ask everyone to respect the current places for school transport. A sign will be put up to remind people.

And of course another message for associations for which this season is difficult. I wish all young people who are deprived of the sport and older people who no longer have a club, the hope of getting out of this crisis quickly in order to find social ties. “”

In the Côte-Gauthier subdivision, four houses are under construction and two more will emerge from the ground

Gilles Perache, Mayor