Macron and Tebboune will work together again

French President Emmanuel Macron and his Algerian counterpart Abdelmadjid Tebboune have pledged to work together again soon after he returned from Germany, where, according to the Algerian presidency, he is being treated for complications following Covid.

Mr. Macron called Mr. Tebboune Sunday evening to inquire about his health and “congratulate him on his recovery.”

The delicate question of the reconciliation of memories

“President Macron has informed the President of the Republic of his wish to work together again on issues of common interest, particularly economic and regional issues and the commemorative issue, once President Tebboune returns,” adds Algiers, the Algerian Presidency.

For his part, Mr Tebboune “assured his French counterpart that he would be able to work on these files when he returned to Algeria,” concluded the statement without further details.

The Elysee Palace confirmed that the telephone exchange had taken place and that the two leaders agreed to remember after President Tebboune returned to Algiers.

The 75-year-old Tebboune was “successfully” operated on his right foot in Germany last Wednesday after “complications” in connection with his coronavirus infection and, according to information, will have to be back in Algiers in the “next few days” for the presidency.

No date has been announced for the head of state’s return to Algiers.

One of the priority issues between the two shores of the Mediterranean is the delicate question of the “reconciliation of antagonistic memories” of French colonization and the War of Independence (1954-1962).

No excuses from France

Mr Macron has promised to take “symbolic acts” to try to reconcile the two countries, but precluded offering the “apologies” requested by Algiers after a long-awaited report by the French historian was published this week Benjamin Stora on this subject.

As a recognized specialist in the contemporary history of Algeria, Mr Stora suggested in particular that a “Memories and Truth” commission be set up in France “to be responsible for promoting joint initiatives between France and Algeria on issues of” memories “.

His report has not yet triggered an official reaction in Algiers in the absence of President Tebboune.

But it has received mixed media coverage, from certain historians and from many Algerians who regret the lack of excuses for France’s “colonial crimes”.