Macron wants to strengthen the cybersecurity sector

A billion euros on the table and the desire to bring France “up to date”.

Emmanuel Macron will present a plan on Thursday to better protect public and private organizations from the digital threat. The head of state will hold a video conference with the hospitals of Dax and Villefranche-sur-Saône, whose recent attacks have revealed a structural phenomenon that will not stop: “The number of attacks increased by 255% in 2020 compared to 2019, remembers Élysée. The phenomenon affects all sectors of all countries. “At the National Agency for Information System Security (Anssi), the workforce increased by 50% between 2017 and 2020 (from 400 to 600 employees).

Why it matters

The idea is to promote digital security throughout the area, from simply being aware of the “digital hygiene” of people who are asked, for example, to take passwords seriously, to creating an “ecosystem” that supports research and education, public and private, combined, start-ups and communities. One billion euros must be mobilized to increase cybersecurity sales from just under 8 billion euros in 2019 to 25 billion in 2025. The Élysée wants to double the number of jobs in this sector (to bring it to 40,000) and the creation of “at least three French unicorns”, ie companies at the top level in the world.

A budget of 500 million euros, or half of the total funding, is reserved for research and development targeting promising sectors such as the security of connected objects.

A “cyber campus” in La Défense

Around 74 million euros will be used to create a “cyber campus” where thousands of professionals will come together to “work together”. The location has already been found: 20,000 m² in La Défense near Paris. “Around sixty players have already shown interest,” said the Republic’s presidency.

A priority is also to protect the most fragile organizations such as local communities and hospitals, which are major targets today. A diagnostic campaign is planned, but also the integration into digital security budgets in order to “change” practices in the long term, since these structures, which were not necessarily aware of the danger, are still vulnerable.

The general modernization of the local authorities, which represents an investment of 176 million euros linked to private companies, is largely managed by Anssi.

What does justice mean?

Beyond these goals, according to Elysée, many sectors are likely to be affected by the digital threat: “National or regional media, transport, digital, banking …” C ‘is therefore the group of actors that Emmanuel Macron wants to have movement.

After this economic aspect, however, the question of legal means could quickly arise. Currently, the investigations are all grouped together in one section of the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office within the organized crime department. Will this be enough in the future?