Macron welcomes “great convergence of views” with Biden

Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden “noted a great convergence of views” on major international issues, particularly the fight against Covid-19 “under the WHO” and on the post-US return to the Paris Agreement climate. said the Elysee on Sunday.

For their first telephone interview since the American president took office, the two heads of state also confirmed “their desire to act together for peace in the Middle East, particularly on the Iranian nuclear issue,” the presidency said in a statement.

This “friendly and working conversation” was conducted in English for an hour and was decided in the wake of the French President.

For its part, the White House pointed out that Joe Biden had opposed Emmanuel Macron to “his desire to strengthen bilateral relations with France,” our oldest ally, “but also” transatlantic relations “through” NATO and the United Partnership States “have affirmed states with the European Union”.

Emmanuel Macron welcomed Washington’s decision to resume the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and World Health (WHO) on Wednesday, Joe Biden’s inauguration day, signaling his return to multilateral institutions after four years of frenzied unilateralism under President Donald Trump.

The two heads of state and government agreed that, according to the White House press release, “common challenges such as climate change, Covid-19 and the global economic recovery” must be coordinated.

“They also agreed to work together on common foreign policy priorities, particularly those related to China, the Middle East, Russia and the Sahel,” he said.

According to Elysee, the two presidents have “agreed to remain in very close contact” on all of these issues in the coming weeks, even if no physical meeting can be arranged at the moment due to the Covid 19 crisis.

Mr. Macron and Joe Biden met for the first time on November 10th following the election of the President of the United States.

But Emmanuel Macron, who came to power in 2017, never met Joe Biden, who was Barack Obama’s vice president between 2009 and 2017.

The Elysee said on Sunday that the French president was “sensitive” to the reference to the French origins of Joe Biden, who took an oath on a family inheritance, a Douai Bible more than 400 years old.

Since arriving at the White House, Joe Biden has met Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.