Metropolis of Lyon. In Lyon, the majority split around Corrida

The killing of a bull by a bullfighter in a gold cloak is not Lyon’s ecological mayor’s cup of tea. Grégory Doucet even signed the Federation of Fighting Manifesto for the Abolition of Bullfighting (Flac) that Friday calling for a ban on access to the arenas for people under 16 years of age. “How to tolerate the presence of children who take part in the massacres of animals with knives for fun” questions the “Manifesto against the cruelty of bullfighting”. “Renowned psychiatrists and psychologists are increasingly witnessing the traumatic effects on their psyche,” it also says.

La Flac also calls for the abolition of this practice, pointing out that killing for pleasure is a criminal offense for all other animals.

One who has not been traumatized is Nîmes Sandrine Runel, Socialist Assistant for Solidarity and Social Inclusion. On February 4th, the chosen one even stated on the set of BFM Lyon that bullfighting was “a family passion”.

The EELV and the socialist majority are cracking the arena on this controversial issue. When asked in February about the compatibility of her position with that of her environmental friends, the MEP confessed that “she had had the opportunity to discuss with certain animal companions and there is no taboo on this matter”.

But now the mayor of Lyon is officially distancing himself.