Microsoft is banking on Edge’s free built-in VPN to entice you away from its competitors

Recognized for what they are: In the last several years, Microsoft Edge has become a really capable browser. With Chromium as its foundation and the company’s own enhancements built on top of it, the browser has become rather usable, at least when it’s not asking you to remain with it. Microsoft’s best efforts and the fact that Chrome is gaining market share aren’t going to change that. An in-browser VPN is the latest effort to bridge the gap and persuade you to make the move while simultaneously increasing your security and privacy.

On a Microsoft support website, the function was explained in depth. In order to protect oneself from untrustworthy networks and dubious websites, Microsoft developed Edge Secure Network. If you want to utilise the function, you’ll first need to log in to your Microsoft account, then select the “Secure Network” option in the settings panel to activate it.

The Cloudflare-powered VPN will provide you 1GB of free data each month; it’s not obvious if you’ll be able to receive, or rather purchase, more data, but the “free” phrase hints it may become an option in the future..

It isn’t the only browser with a virtual private network these days. You can get an official VPN operating in your Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome instances if you’re ready to pay for it. Opera also has one. On Microsoft Edge, the browser has an advantage over its two major rivals because of its free VPN, which will come in useful for anyone trying to improve their online security.

Those on the Edge Insider channels will be the first to get their hands on it. However, it’s possible that normal customers may have to wait a few more weeks. No word yet on whether the functionality will be added to Edge for Android, but this clearly seems like a feature that will be available on various platforms.