Microsoft OneDrive will soon let you to slam those dreaded files

There may soon be a way to purge huge files from Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint accounts, freeing up space and clearing your mind.

A new upgrade for Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint Document Libraries on the web will allow users to remove huge folders.

The move will include folders storing up to 10,000 things, so it may be the answer to your overloaded account.

OneDrive purge

According to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, the functionality is currently in development but should be released in March 2022. It says it’s free for all OneDrive and SharePoint users worldwide.

With most firms increasingly using hybrid working methods, cloud-based services like OneDrive are vital to keeping employees linked no matter where they are.

Microsoft has announced a OneDrive upgrade that would further integrate the cloud storage service with its online collaboration programme Microsoft Teams.

The objective is to make leaving the Microsoft ecosystem as painful as possible, even if a firm or individual just uses a few services.

The business recently updated OneDrive to give remote workers with a separate feed that highlights current activity linked with their files.

However, Microsoft recently admitted that its data cleaning tool didn’t always wipe what it needed to clean.