Monistrol-sur-Loire. Jean-Paul Lyonnet sends his wishes to the Monistrolia via video

Special requests for a certain context. In this month of January it is inevitably impossible to hold the traditional ceremony in the Capitelle.

Like many councilors in the sector, Jean-Paul Lyonnet posted a video on social media and on the city’s website wishing Monistrolia a year of “hope and solidarity” in 2021.

“Track current files”

A speech of just over three minutes, in which the mayor naturally comes back to the health crisis: “The appearance of this new virus has shown us how important it is to take care of yourself and others. […] and how precious a free life was. “”

But if 2020 was “a black year in many ways”, the past few months have not stopped local life: “We wanted to continue the current files so that the Monistrolienes and Monistroliennes can live in one municipality with communal services available and where companies continue to operate are. “”

Tribute to “those who have proven that benevolence and altruism still exist”

Some of the structures expected in the first part of the mandate have already sprung up, such as the Rivoire sewage treatment plant, and others are in the works, such as the Mazel sports complex.

The elected representative does not forget to mention those who have been hardest hit by the crisis: caregivers, security guards, vendors, restaurateurs, educational teams, associations and in general “all anonymous people who have worked for” good deeds and have shown goodwill and altruism still exist. “”