Montmorot. Parking available soon rue Sommier

Due to the restricted urban configuration, it is not always easy to find parking spaces on Rue Sommier and Rue du Grand Sugny. This situation should improve soon. Indeed, the city has decided to acquire the platform, which is located at the entrance to the former Revermont Water Union site, at the intersection of Rue Sommier and Rue Henri-Ponard. After the demolition of the small garage on this property, this acquisition will create some new spaces for public parking.

The retaining wall of the presbytery threatens to collapse

The access road to the castle is bordered by a retaining wall that preserves the grounds of the gardens of the church and the presbytery. This work, property of the municipality, shows a poor general condition, which has already been determined several times.

This winter’s rainfall did not help: the deformation of the stone wall over about fifteen meters and the appearance of cracks should reduce the cohesion of the whole.

In order to prevent a premature collapse, which as a result would hinder any access to the private property of the castle, the municipal council recorded the project of repairing the works at the meeting of the municipal council on February 10th. A budget of 46,200 euros was chosen for this work.