More There will be Final Fantasy 7 spin-off games

Square Enix has hinted that further Final Fantasy VII spin-off titles are in development.

In honor of the game’s 25th anniversary, Square Enix released a letter from the director of Final Fantasy 7 and its 2020 remake, which not only paid tribute to the original but also indicated that additional games based on it are in the works.

“With titles like Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, FFVII has resurfaced as the series’ most recent game, and you can expect even more exciting new advancements in the future!” Yoshinori Kitase, the director of Final Fantasy 7 and the remake’s project producer, revealed as much.

“In the future, there will be even more new FFVII projects that began up following the remake,” stated Tetsuya Nomura, project creative director for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

“The team sees this 25th anniversary as a turning point in our FFVII adventure, and we’re looking forward to even bigger things in the future, so please keep supporting us!”

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What can we anticipate?

Neither Kitase nor Nomura addressed Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part Two, the much anticipated sequel to the critically praised remake. While Square Enix stated that production on the sequel began in 2019, no release date has been set, and there have been little updates on the team’s progress other than a few indications about its scale.

Nevertheless, the phrase does call attention to the Final Fantasy 7 spin-off games, which Square Enix has made a greater deal about in recent years. Kitase mentions Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, a free-to-play battle royale mobile game that came out last year, and Nomura says the studio has “Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis waiting in the wings too,” with the episodic mobile RPG due out later this year.

The fact that these mobile games are mentioned offers a solid indicator of what future “FFVII ventures” may look like. They’re more likely to be spin-off mobile games based in the setting of Final Fantasy 7, rather than triple-A releases, DLC, or console titles.

However, their potential is still enormous. Ever Crisis will be a mini-version of Final Fantasy 7, similar to The First Soldier, which was a combat royale set in Midgar before the events of the main game. It was created exclusively for mobile, and it will not only allow current fans to relive Cloud’s adventure in a condensed version, but it will also expose the game to mobile gamers who may not have had the opportunity to play it on console.

If the next spin-offs follow suit, Final Fantasy 7 might take the franchise in many new areas.