Morez. Wood boiler room, senior citizens’ residence and Biel on the 2021 program

Meeting with the chosen one.

What date was announced for the wood boiler project?

“This large project that will feed the high school, the two colleges and the city center public buildings, as well as some individuals, is a beautiful dossier that is well supported. Consulting for a planning and production contract is currently being carried out for the delivery of this turnkey district heating network. We will have the offers at the beginning of March. Then it will take a few months for the selected file to be completed. The Pelletier house on Ringstrasse acquired by the community is destroyed or adapted to this boiler room. Everything should come to fruition in the fall. The heating network will go into operation in 2022. “

When will the senior citizens’ residence open and who will manage it?

“It is heartbreaking to see this building completed and not in use. The work has not yet been fully accepted. It’s a difficult file. I ask all the speakers: Semcoda, the Social Housing Office (OPH) of the Jura, who are in negotiations to try to get things done. We don’t currently know who will make it. There are several tracks. The mixed union to support senior citizens in the Upper Jura (Smaahj) was also requested for a company project. “”

When does work on the Bienne runaway start?

“Reasonably in 2022. We are still under construction on the project. It consists of two parts: Biel with the regional nature park Haut Jura and the water agency for the deletion of rock sills, the renaturation and the development of the banks. The town hall has a hand in the paths. This spring we will know the donors. The prognosis for the public space amounts to a little less than 5 million euros. The river renaturation costs are on-going. “”

What will the Jobez treasure be invested in?

“We are spoiled for choice. It is in the reflection phase in which a secret project is being negotiated. In any case, the information will be passed on to the municipal council. The exact cost calculation for this treasure, consisting of 5 bars and more than a thousand gold coins, is in progress. “”