Mozilla offers security and a VPN to safeguard you from Black Friday frauds

In honour of Black Friday, Mozilla has unveiled a privacy bundle for the Firefox browser, which includes the company’s two most important security add-ons.

As the first of two included items, Firefox Relay is a must-have. Since its quiet release in 2020, Mozilla says it has attracted thousands of users and prevented 1.5 million spam messages from reaching their inboxes.

The corporation has stated its intention to safeguard the private data of more online consumers throughout the checkout process.

Firefox Relay and Mozilla’s VPN Service

Using Relay’s free masquerade, you can protect your true email address by generating up to five email masks. Mozilla also developed a Chrome add-on that increased the capacity restriction for emails to 10 megabytes in 2022.

Email and phone number masking are both available to premium users in limitless quantities.

Mozilla VPN is the second product included in the package. You may hide your IP address and prevent unauthorised access to your data just as you would with any other VPN service, and you can even use two VPNs at once (a technique known as “multi-hop”) for further security.

Users may join up for either service for 6.99 per month when purchasing an annual subscription from the Mozilla VPN website (opens in new tab) or the Firefox Relay page (opens in new tab).

Customers looking for both data security and a convenient, all-in-one solution should find this attractive. Hide My Email is comparable to what’s included in the premium iCloud+ plans (beginning at 0.99 per month), but phone number masking isn’t one of them. Similar to a virtual private network (VPN), but with several key differences, is iCloud’s Private Relay.

Google One does provide VPN service, but it’s only included in the most expensive plan (which includes 2TB of storage and costs 9.99 per month) and it’s only accessible via a mobile app. Yet, no plan has an option to hide your email address while sending messages.