municipal buildings are being renovated

The projects are on track for Roland Bost’s team at the beginning of the year. In 2020 the focus was on the trails. Your graduation is on the program for this New Year to facilitate the passage of farmers and hikers …

The repair of the city streets will begin and, after consulting the residents, a park plan will be drawn up in the hamlet of Allézieux.

The roof of the church was renewed and the bell tower modernized

The major projects will also begin for the “renovation, security and accessibility of urban buildings”.

With the participation of the department and the region, the roof of the church is being renovated and the bell tower is being modernized. An access ramp to the school and the insulation of the roof of the town hall are also part of the project.

Equipment for associative life should be purchased until new projects are pending, as soon as the health situation allows.