“My job is to support young firefighters”

David Geldreich has been the deputy corps commander of the Val de Rhins barracks in Régny since January 1st. He returns to his new role, which he explains.

David Geldreich, what role do you play in the Val de Rhins barracks?

“After restructuring the rescue center in Régny, I was appointed as his deputy by the chief of staff, Clément Bernard, on January 1, 2021. My job as a deputy is to support the head of the center, ie when he is not there, it is me who takes over. I am also there to support him every step of the way. Above all, he delegates training and personnel monitoring to me. “”

Does your appointment relate to the grade?

“No, I was not appointed for my rank as chief warrant officer. I think Clément chose me because of my seniority. It’s been 35 years since I was a firefighter. At the age of 16, I pioneered a small village in Alsace. “”

What will he delegate to you?

“The head of the center has a lot of things to do, that is, the relationship with the department service in Saint-Étienne, the hiring of staff. He must ensure that his barracks are functioning properly, that the staff is physically fit for training, equipment monitoring, etc.

The job of the corps commander is not easy, I take care of everything that is peripheral, that is, I do not manage the barracks, I am there to support Clément (note from the Bernard editor). It will be my job, among other things, to prepare the young pioneers of the barracks upstream, ie to teach them the basics so that they can then train in more detail. “”