N64 Controller Pak compatibility was missing from Nintendo Switch Online, so hackers added it

Hackers have discovered a method to bring Controller Pak compatibility to Nintendo Switch Online’s N64 library, which is accessible through the pricey Expansion Pack tier, enabling users to save games and enable additional features such as Mario Kart 64’s time trial ghosts.

LuigiBlood, a well-known Switch hacker, came to Twitter to explain how to hack N64 Controller Pak compatibility into Nintendo Switch Online, demonstrating that the feature existed in the emulator’s code, as reported by VGC.

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Customers on Twitter also noted that although they were able to get Controller Pak to operate on Nintendo Switch Online’s N64 games, the stored data was lost when the game was closed. The data was saved for later use using the emulator’s built-in save state capability.

The hack isn’t doable on a retail Nintendo Switch, which is a huge drawback. At the very least, not one that’s brand new. Instead, you’ll need a customized Switch, which comes with its own set of hazards, including the possibility of bricking your system. As a result, if you’re even the slightest bit risk apprehensive, we can’t advocate the procedure with good faith.

Hackers’ efforts have shown that the N64 emulator on Nintendo Switch Online has Controller Pak capabilities, however, it is presently disabled.

With new features and upgrades to the N64 service, such as increased performance for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, there’s a good possibility Nintendo may allow Controller Pak compatibility in the future.

As it is, the N64 collection lacks Controller Pak functionality, which would be wonderful. In order to save a game, certain games, such as WinBack: Covert Operations, need Controller Pak support. Players’ only present option in this respect is to make a save state, which works but is presumably not what developer Omega Force intended for regular game advancement.

As previously stated, it will also enable the storing of ghost data in Mario Kart 64’s time trials, a feature that is now inaccessible to Switch Online users without the need of hacking.

There are also gaming advantages to this, since allowing Controller Pak compatibility might resurrect Mario Kart 64’s time trial community, which has been kept alive to this day by speedrunners. Finally, anything that makes the wait for Mario Kart 9 a little less painful is welcome.