New Android features are announced by Google just in time for the holidays

Google seems to be in the spirit of gifting to its users this Christmas season. These presents are a smorgasbord of new capabilities for Android.

Google has announced today that it would be updating Google Photos, Google Talk, Google TV, and more with a slew of new holiday-themed features in honour of the season. The user may even find something to assist them get into the festive mood.

Enhancing the aesthetic value of digital images and communications

In the first place, there’s Google Photos’ collage maker. The collage editor, it seems, will soon be getting the work of two new creative minds, each of whom will provide their own distinctive take on the Style aesthetic. The firm released Styles in September, but you may not have used it yet. This function, designed for scrapbookers, will add appropriate artwork to your Memories whenever you upload a photo.

Moreover, Google is making it easier for Android users to express themselves by introducing additional sticker combinations. There are now even more emoji to choose from in the Emoji Kitchen, allowing you to make unique stickers on Gboard.

Improved content accessibility

Concerning content-specific features, Google has said that it will make Android’s Reading mode more user-friendly by making information more easily searchable. This new setting was designed to improve readability for those with visual impairments or reading difficulties, such as dyslexia. The feature includes a text-to-speech mechanism with variable speed control and other display choices including adjustable contrast, font style, and size.

Google is also streamlining the process of casting material to your TV. The Mountain View firm claims to have developed a new YouTube search widget for the home screen that would provide instant access to the user’s movies, clips, and subscriptions. On top of that, Google has announced that starting next week, users will be able to “cast” content from Google TV to an appropriate television.

Achieving results while on the fly

The last round of enhancements are designed to facilitate productive mobile work. The digital vehicle key function was the first one Google highlighted, allowing customers to lock, unlock, and start their cars from their phones. The user may apparently also send the digital key to other people using the Pixel or iPhone using this capability. The tech giant promises that the functionality will be available on certain Android phones running Android 12 and higher in the near future, so don’t fret if you don’t have one of those phones just now.

The remaining Wear OS enhancements include new tiles, an updated version of Google Keep, and the addition of Google Assistant support for the Adidas running app. The updated tiles are meant to streamline the process of contacting friends and family and checking the dawn and sunset timings on Wear OS devices. While the new version of Google Keep improves the aesthetics of notes and to-do lists by including features like as images, co-authors, and customizable backgrounds. By saying something like, “Hey Google, start a run with Adidas Running,” users of the Adidas running app may immediately begin one of more than 30 different kinds of exercises.