New AWS Analytics Services Go Serverless

Amazon today revealed that four of its cloud-based analytics solutions, Amazon Redshift, Amazon EMR, Amazon MSK, and Amazon Kinesis, are now available as serverless and on-demand services at its re:Invent event.

That’s something AWS clients have wanted for a long time; during the keynote address, Adam Selipsky, the company’s CEO, remarked that this was true. The new offerings are now accessible as public previews.

Selipsky maintained that some AWS rivals may claim that one database can handle everything, but he said different workloads require distinct databases to back them — and analytics services are no exception.

Customers don’t want to have to worry about the underlying technology that supports these services — and in addition to eliminating cluster management, users will only be charged for the resources they use. For example, if a user uses Redshift, he or she will pay only when the data warehouse is used, not when it is inactive.

“Amazon Redshift Serverless automatically provisions the right compute resources for you to get started,” AWS’s Danilo Poccia explains in today’s announcement.

“As your demand evolves with more concurrent users and new workloads, your data warehouse scales seamlessly and automatically to adapt to the changes. You can optionally specify the base data warehouse size to have additional control on cost and application-specific SLAs.”

Similary, AWS’s service for handling streaming data, Kinesis, now offers a fully managed on-demand mode. The service may scale automatically as data traffic increases with this new capacity mode.

Today’s AWS move is a reaction to market demand, as the cloud provider reacts to industry pressure. A number of its rivals now provide comparable serverless analytics services, as do a number of well-funded startups.