One of the top strategy games is currently available on Epic Games for free

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, perhaps one of the finest real-time tactics games of the past decade, is presently free to keep on the Epic Game Store, but you’ll need to move fast if you want to get it.

This week on the Epic Games Store, you can get the samurai stealth game and another game, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, for free. However, you need to hurry up and download them by November 24th, or else you’ll have to delete them.

You’ll love it, Samu

Shadow Tactics, which released in December 2016, has been praised ever since its release for its masterful integration of story, combat, and world-building.

It’s set in an anarchic version of Japan during the Edo era and has some of the greatest tactics-based gameplay to be released in decades. You’re in charge of a team of highly skilled ninjas, and you have to sneak through enemy lines to accomplish missions, eliminate enemies, and cover your tracks.

A total of five main characters are available for play, and you’ll switch between them during the game. Hyato, your first playable character, is a wonderful choice because to his high mobility and stealth thanks to his shuriken and grapple hook, while the seemingly harmless older Takuro may be devastating thanks to his sniper rifle.

As part of November’s PS Plus free games schedule, Sony is include the Souls-like favourite Nioh 2.

If you want to keep playing Ninja: Shadow of the Tomb Raider, you’d better move quickly, since Epic Games is switching up the lineup on November 17. In its place will come the horror game Evil Dead: The Game.