One of YouTube Music’s most beneficial features is coming to Android users soon

The Android version of YouTube Music has finally added a feature that allows users to save their queues as playlists. Even if you don’t see it in your app right now, the option will be rolled out to all Android devices throughout the weekend of April 2 and 3.

A feature that was first developed for Google Play Music (remember that?) and is now accessible on iOS devices, is the ability to store YouTube Music queues to playlists.

Any queue in your YouTube Music library, whether it was made by you or was generated based on your listening habits, will function with this feature. You may now keep a favourite mix as a separate playlist in your YouTube library, making it easy to access whenever you want.

Queues on YouTube Music may be saved as playlists

As previously said, the functionality is currently accessible on the majority of Android smartphones and tablets. However, if you don’t see it yet, you may need to update your YouTube Music app. Simply exit the programme and then reopen it to test whether it now has queue-saving.

Open any queue or pre-made mix in the YouTube Music app to save it as a playlist. The album image, title, and progress of a song may be seen in full-screen by tapping on it in the queue. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access ‘Up Next,’ ‘Lyrics,’ and ‘Related.’

You should notice a ‘Save’ icon at the top-right of the screen after swiping this panel up. The ‘Add to playlist’ submenu will appear after you tap it. If you’ve previously made a playlist on YouTube or YouTube Music, you’ll see it in this list of all of them. Make sure you know that if you store your queue to one of them, you’ll have to manually erase all of the music from that playlist if you ever make a mistake.

You may also save the mix to a new playlist by tapping the ‘New Playlist’ button at the bottom-right of your screen. You’ll be invited to give your playlist a name, a description, and a privacy setting, just like you would with any other new playlist. Save your music queue or mix to a new playlist by pressing the Create button when you’re done.

This is a wonderful addition to the YouTube Music collection

For those who have used Google Play Music or iOS, storing queues as playlists on YouTube Music is nothing new. YouTube Music now has a wider range of features, and we’re pleased that it’s finally finding its way to Android smartphones.

The algorithmically created mixes on YouTube don’t ensure that you’ll hear a specific song again unless you remember to “like” them when you come across an amazing song – or collection of songs – that you’re hearing for the first time.

Android users may now store their favourite songs to a saved playlist so that they can listen to them at a later date. In recent years, YouTube Music has emerged as a viable alternative to the greatest music streaming applications, and this new Android upgrade makes it even better.