online market for digital assets Launch of a generative AI tool by Creative Fabrica

Today, Creative Fabrica, a marketplace for digital files including print-on-demand components, typefaces, and images, announced the release of its own generative AI tool. Three million ideas have been sparked by the Creative Fabrica community in the last three weeks using a feature called CF Spark, and over half a million have been shared by the Creative Fabrica community.

According to Creative Fabrica, their system is the first generative AI that also enables artists to generate money by allowing them to upload their generative AI files for paid usage by other members of the community.

Creative Fabrica, backed by Felix Capital, FJ Labs, and Peak Capital, has an agreement with Stable Diffusion, Stability AI’s image-generating AI system, and is negotiating a relationship with OpenAI to include Dalle 2 into its ecosystem. The API for Dreamstudio is also used by CF Spark. According to Roemie Hillenaar, chief executive officer of Creative Fabrica, this combination provides consumers with more options and more stylistic diversity.

Hillenaar of Creative Spark told TechCrunch that development on CF Spark began before Stable Diffusion was made available to the public.

When we saw that DALLE and MidJourney were welcoming more beta users, we made a calculated risk that OpenAI (the company behind DALLE) would soon release their API. When we started developing the product, we assumed that the API would be ready by the end of the year, as was originally planned,” he said. During this time, however, Stability AI published Stable Diffusion as open source software, which paved the way for Creative Fabrica to expeditiously launch the new product alongside CF Spark.

Entering a prompt into CF Spark will create four photos from which the designer may choose one to add to their page. Users of Creative Fabrica may contribute their own versions of AI-generated artwork, as well as re-prompt the pictures to make new ones (for example, a T-shirt).

Free of charge, CF Spark may be used by any of Creative Fabrica’s four million users. Its collection includes about six million different typefaces and illustrations.