Oyonnax. On the municipal council’s menu, yet without an audience

The next meeting of the City Council of Oyonnax will take place on Monday 22 February at 6.15 p.m. in the center of Léon-Emin. It will always take place without an audience, which requires health measures.

The elected officials have to advise on various topics: approval of the report of the local commission on the assessment of the transferred fees, agreement with Haut-Bugey Agglomeration on the campaign to sterilize stray cats, annual report of the delegation for the production and distribution of public services of heat in the sectors Plaine and La Forge.

The urban planning and land area involves the acquisition of land in the Haut-Bugey agglomeration (as part of an exchange without cash payment). Further acquisitions of private properties are planned at a location called “Le Géartbrante” on Rue de Geilles in the Vivaldi cul-de-sac in Veyziat.