Oyonnax. Still no fair, but a sale in the Grenette: the town hall is explained

At the beginning of the week, the city of Oyonnax and the Pôle du Commerce du haut Bugey announced the launch of an unprecedented event: five days reserved for great deals, with a big sale from February 9th to 13th in participating stores and a great unpacking on December 12th and February 13th in the Grenette shopping arcade.

Some Oyonnaxiens were surprised by this decision, while the monthly outdoor fair cannot take place for several months due to the health crisis.

Limited to 50 people

“This is a sell-out and not a fair. There will be no booth on Rue Anatole-France, just very good offers in sedentary shops, explains Olivier Schwinn, who is responsible for the city’s attractiveness. In the gallery, only the Grenette’s shops, along with five members of the bar (eccentric), are unpacked along the walls. The event is therefore not big and has nothing to compare with the monthly fair in terms of flow or products. “”

Therefore, the mayor issued a decree stipulating strict compliance with the evacuation instructions with wide and unobstructed aisles and the limitation of the number of people in the gallery to 50, ie one for 8 m², in order to comply with the hygiene instructions.