Pagney. The bakery will soon be renovated

Renovation of the bakery

➤ Application for a grant from the region under the new spaces, innovative villages (ENVI).

➤ The department has granted € 38,185, which is 30% of the cost of the work excluding VAT for the building and its outbuildings.

➤ A grant application has been submitted as part of the state grant for rural areas.

➤ Approval to sign the agreement with the Mixed Energy, Equipment and E-Communication Syndicate (Sidec) on the transfer of shares that are eligible for Energy Saving Certificates (CEE). Due to the complexity of the preparation of these files, the city council turned to the Sidec, which summarizes the inquiries from several Jura communities. The aid granted is divided between Sidec (up to 40%) and the municipality (60%). Done unanimously.

During the preparatory work for the bakery, volunteer residents, community council members and young people with permission to act also helped. The city team thanks them warmly.

Opening an investment loan before voting on the initial budget

The municipality’s budget must be voted on before April 30, 2021. The mayor explains to his council that the municipality can only pay the investment bills if advice is required. The amount of these investments made prior to this budget reconciliation cannot exceed a quarter of the sum of the investments entered in the budget of the previous year. The quarter corresponds to € 105,000, distributed as follows:

➤ € 60,000 for bakery work (shop, bakery, pastry shop, laboratory and ancillary work).

➤ € 10,000 for public buildings if required.

➤ € 25,000 for the senior and games library project, although no more payment will be made shortly.

➤ € 3,000 for the renovation of the road network (€ 1,140 must be paid to the Thiou company, which intervened on a faulty socket, Route de Banne).

➤ € 5,000 for wood and forest.

➤ And € 2,000 for small devices and tools.

When drawing up the budget, the Council indicates the amounts needed to carry out all the work in the future bakery.

Parking permit for the three school spaces, the two city hall and municipal post offices and the three patient spaces of the speech therapist’s office next to the building at 8 rue Haute: Adopted by unanimous agreement.

Plant a cedar tree in the heart of the village

In order to avoid that a tree is felled in the forest every year or bought for Christmas, a gardener recommends planting a blue cedar in the village square before spring. Over the years it is decorated by children, parents and councilors.

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