Pediatric crime. 44 years later, Jack Lang regrets signing a pedophile defense forum

It was January 26, 1977 in Le Monde, and the text is now online as an archive. In a forum, 69 intellectuals, artists or doctors defended three men who had been charged with “indecent attacks without violence against minors under the age of 15” and with whom they had sexual relations. “Three years in prison for hugs and kisses, that’s enough,” one could read in particular.

A forum initiated by sulphurous writer Gabriel Matzneff – which is now the subject of an investigation into rape of minors under the age of fifteen – and which was signed in particular by Jack Lang, who regretted his participation in Europe 1 in the middle on Monday about the affair Olivier Duhamel: “It was after 68, we were driven by some kind of flawed libertarian vision,” he explained, but “this petion was bullshit and unacceptable”. “Since then, like so many others, I have fought against this kind of nonsense,” the former minister of culture continued.

“If a thirteen-year-old girl is entitled to the pill, what is it for?”

In the text, the signatories denounced the three years of pre-trial detention the three defendants had already endured. “Such a long preventive detention to investigate a simple case of ‘morality’ where the children were not victims of the slightest violence but, on the contrary, told investigative judges that they consent (although the judiciary is currently denying them anything.” Right of consent), such a long preventive detention already seems scandalous to us ”.

“There is an obvious mismatch, on the one hand, between the qualification of the ‘crime’ that justifies such gravity and the nature of the alleged acts, and on the other hand between the obsolescence of the law and the daily reality of ‘a society that tends to be among children and Acknowledging teens for the existence of a sex life (if a thirteen year old girl is entitled to the pill, what is it for?), ”They continued. “French law is self-contradicting itself when it recognizes the ability to discriminate in a thirteen or fourteen-year-old minor, which it can judge and condemn, while denying that ability when it comes to their emotional and sexual life.”

“There were a lot of us back then to sign this platform,” said Jack Lang

“We were very numerous at the time to sign this forum: there were Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Michel Foucault, a number of intellectuals,” said Jack Lang on Monday morning. However, in contrast to Louis Aragon, Roland Barthes, Simone de Beauvoir, Patrice Chéreau, André Glücksmann, Bernard Kouchner, Gabriel Matzneff and Catherine Millet, the names of Daniel Cohn-Bendit and Michel Foucault are not at the bottom of the list of signatories. Jean-Paul Sartre or Philippe Sollers.

“Since then, like so many others, I have fought this kind of nonsense,” continued the one who, however, qualified American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was accused of a variety of sexual abuse and rape, “no one charming, polite and pleasant” in the Year 2019. “Epstein, that has nothing to do. Someone can be a charming man for a moment before we find out three years later that he is a bastard,” replied the President of the Arab World Institute on Europe 1.

Last October, we became the first French media to announce that the Jeffrey Epstein Foundation donated nearly 58,000 to a mysterious association made up of relatives of Jack Lang’s. The former minister replied evasively that this donation was intended “to finance a film”.