Phishing scam on Instagram uses the verification process

Be wary of any requests to verify your Instagram account by email.

Some Instagram users have been getting phishing emails from hackers pretending to be the business since late July, according to a study published by cybersecurity firm Vade on Thursday. An email is sent to the user stating that their profile has been chosen for verification after being examined.

Emails with “ig bluebadge info” in the subject line are sent from an address simply called “ig-badges.” Since Instagram and Facebook logos are located near the email’s top and bottom, some people may mistake it for an official communication.

Mistakes in spelling and formatting are visible throughout the emails. In one section of the email, for instance, the words “Thanks, you instagram team” appear.

“The hackers hope these tactics disguise the signs of a phishing scam, including the context of the email,” Vade wrote.

Phishing is a sort of online fraud in which cybercriminals use enticements (in this case, the promise of Instagram verification) to convince online users to visit malicious websites and submit personal information. Because these frauds typically occur through email, it might be difficult for security tools to detect and prevent them.

You must be a public person, celebrity, or business to seek verification on Instagram, and the procedure takes happen within the app rather than by email, as stated by Instagram’s Help Center.

The safest course of action if you get one of these emails is to delete it without opening any of the attachments.

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