Politics. Jean-Marie Le Pen wishes his daughter Marine victory in the 2022 presidential election

Jean-Marie Le Pen wishes his daughter Marine Le Pen victory in the 2022 presidential elections, even if he no longer recognizes himself in the party that she has chaired for 10 years and which he himself led for almost 40 years.

“It all depends on the candidates”

“I want Marine Le Pen to be in the second round and even, if I dare, in the third round. You or a candidate who represents the national and popular law for which I have fought for 50 years,” said she in an interview with the co-founders of the National Front, which became the National Assembly, from his office in Montretout in Saint-Cloud (Hauts-de-Seine).

He believes the RN president has a chance. “I’m not saying that she has no chance (of winning), on the contrary”.

“But it all depends on (other) candidates, whether there are many or few” and “events” of the “economic, social, political and even medical situation”, “notes the former right-wing extremist leader at the age of 92.

He praised the “remarkable qualities” of his granddaughter Marion Maréchal, “intelligence, courage, culture, will”, but did not forget the “extraordinary qualities” of his daughter, who now “holds a position” prominent in French politics “.

However, he does not recognize himself in the RN

He predicts an “abundance” of candidates in the presidential election who “tend to favor candidates whose names are already known, such as Marine Le Pen”.

He bet that “these are the personalities who will cast the ballot” due to an “individualization of politics” and regretted that all parties, including the RN, “have gradually lost their importance, their strength”. .

Jean-Marie Le Pen “doesn’t necessarily see Emmanuel Macron as a candidate”, but he believes that the candidates on the right will be the “Legion” and that the Republican Party can “explode”. He believes the left “seriously injured” because “in politics we are never dead”.

“No”, the former president of the FN does not recognize himself in the party chaired by his daughter, who expelled him in 2015 after his slip-ups during the Shoah and whose name change was “a break” for him.

“You have to defend your ideas”

But “it is probably the political formation that I think comes closest,” affirmed Mr Le Pen, and welcomed the fact that the party “has come closer to the traditional line of the FN”, either right or left. since the departure in 2017 of the former number two Florian Philippot.

In his logbook published on Friday, the founder of the FN describes the “demonization” cited by his daughter as a “strategic error”.

“If you want to demonize yourself, it already realizes that you were the devil and that you deserve it,” he said: “You have to defend your ideas, and it is obvious that they always appear diabolical to your opponents”.