Politics. The presidential elections in sight, Anne Hidalgo stands out at any price

When she talks about national politics, Anne Hidalgo does not wear gloves or pearls. The vaccination campaign is about where it hurts in the JDD: “To be successful, you need a strategic vision, but also a logistical plan. With such deficiencies, the landing in June 1944 would have failed. Politics is there.” Art the execution “. The mayor of Paris is not afraid of spectacular references.” Environmentalists have an issue with the republic. They want to impose a lifestyle on others, “she declared in November, arousing the anger of the Greens. These remarks highlighted, among other things, the participation of EELV (and LFI) in an anti-Islamophobia march with militants of an Islamist group and their difficulty in sovereign affairs (Security, immigration, etc.) to be regulated clearly.

After environmentalists were suffocated in Paris by closing river lanes to cars and opening many cycle paths, their national space is shrinking. Without taking her out of the game: If she disagrees with Yannick Jadot, she stays in contact with Grenoblois Eric Piolle. The “platform of ideas” that it launched this weekend also takes ecology into account.

Space becomes free

Officially, the Mayor of Paris did not end up… in the presidential campaign. At 61 she feels “very happy in the town hall”. Your opposition has resigned and / or divided, the 2024 Olympics await and Paris remains armed enough to leave sooner than anyone else after the crisis. This does not prevent booster vaccinations. The closer 2022 approaches, the more political space will of course be free in his camp. “She is lucky and it takes time for the presidential elections. See Chirac, Holland and Macron,” said his first deputy Emmanuel Grégoire, pilot of the “Platform of Ideas”. He fondly remembers “that Anne is a province of Republican merit and a second generation of immigrants”. Patrick Kanner, head of the PS Senators, will make his contribution.

No refusal

“The membership rating of the Mayor of Paris is generally lower than that of a Mélenchon on the left, but the Insoumis leader also arouses the strongest rejection in our Odoxa / Dentsu / regional press barometer, including from sympathizers on the left,” notes Gaël Sliman of Odoxa -Institute for which “we do not see a person in the polls who is better placed than Anne Hidalgo in the PS”.

Despite brilliant municipal successes in 2020, the elected socialists are too old (Rebsamen, Aubry, Le Foll) or too new to leave their fiefdoms (Nantes, Rennes, Montpellier, Marseille, Nancy, Saint-Denis, Bourges).

Parallel to these good local results, the PS has made no progress in national reconstruction since the 2017 debacle. Montebourg and Hamon fled on the edge, Valls very far. In Jarnac on Friday, national secretary Olivier Faure was angry about the ubiquity and teachings of François Hollande and Ségolène Royal, who, according to him, have been parasitizing and paralyzing the party’s actions and messages for three years. Even on François Mitterrand’s grave. Can Anne Hidalgo heal this left with her ecological balance sheet, women’s wealth, an image of a reasonable opponent? For the time being, there will be bleeding spikes and booster shots.