Quest is getting the Tony Hawk VR experience I’ve always wanted: Grindpunk!

Getting enormous air and pulling off outrageous tricks on a skateboard was a common goal for many individuals in the early 2000s. It’s an issue since the consequences may be severe if you make a mistake or aren’t physically coordinated enough. The good news is that Grindpunk is come to rescue the day and allow gamers to realise their fantasies of being the next Tony Hawk without all the suffering associated.

Social media postings about Grindpunk’s first huge alpha build have been nothing short of spectacular. The game’s physics engine and “easy controls,” as described by influencers, make it a sight to see, whether you’re simply skating about grinding on rails and popping a few of ollies or straight-up back-flipping onto a grind rail.

Oculus Quest 2 hand straps are a must-have if you don’t want your controllers flying around the room when you land on them.

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There is now an open beta testing period for the game, which has been developed by lone developer megautomata (opens in new tab) for a few years now. For the time being, Grindpunk is only accessible for the PC through Oculus Link and a Meta Quest 2. (opens in new tab).

Players may personalise their boards in the current alpha, even down to the grip tape, but character customisation won’t be available until a later iteration. If you are unable to participate in the PC alpha, the developer has said that a Meta Quest 2 port is in the works.