Samsung’s Hybrid OLED TVs: Can They Compete?

Samsung is developing QD-OLED panels in 65, 55, and 34 inches, according to Edaily Korea and inside sources from Samsung Display. According to a statement attributed to Samsung Display CEO Choi Joo-sun by Edaily Korea , “We have been expecting this for a while.”

“QD Display will mass-produce and release 65-inch and 55-inch TVs and 34-inch monitors and decide whether to increase production based on market reaction.”

On November 30, 2021, mass production of TVs with these dimensions will begin. Although this information isn’t shocking given Samsung’s 2022 timeline for rolling out QD-OLED displays in televisions, it’s good to see the company is on track and producing its next-generation display technology for monitors in addition to new televisions. Samsung is also expected to debut new QD-OLED TVs at CES 2022, according to reports, and it’s no surprise that the TV maker will be pushing its new hybrid technology in flagship 65-inch and 55-inch sizes. But can QD-OLED compete with traditional OLED, QLED, or Mini LED displays?

Is it true that QD-OLED displays better than ordinary OLED?

Don’t be concerned if you’re unfamiliar with the phrase “QD-OLED.” This new TV technology is still under development, and it has been for years. The most essential thing to know is that Samsung’s major TV technology successor to its current QLED displays is QD-OLED (also known as quantum OLED).

QD-OLEDs are a type of OLED display that’s still in development, and as such aren’t available yet. Due to its hybrid nature, QD-OLED incorporates the best features of both OLED and QLED displays. As a result, you’ll receive the excellent color quality and high contrast potential of OLEDs, as well as many other advantages.

It’s difficult to say whether QD-OLED will live up to its promise right now. So far, it appears that QD-OLED is going to be a significant improvement over current displays – especially if the pricing of TVs with this new technology inside is anything to go by.

According to a new report from Korea Economic Daily, Samsung’s new TVs will be “between its top-end Micro LED sets and its flagship QLED lines.”

Although QD-OLED technology sounds appealing, you shouldn’t get your hopes up about buying a new QD-OLED TV unless you’re a Samsung display enthusiast. Everyone else may have to wait several years before the price falls further. In the meanwhile, of course, there are numerous Black Friday TV discounts to consider, with top-tier TVs offered at huge savings.