Sayollo and Speechly Unite to Deliver Voice Recognition in gComm

In-game purchases and advertising are a big, complicated market in the game industry. Nobody wants to be disrupted from their game to view advertising. Even if there is interest, the player must quit the game, go to a website, set up shipping and payment, then return to their game if purchasing an item takes too long. gComm is where gComm enters the picture.

GComm(short for “gaming commerce”) was created to allow gamers to make in-game purchases without stopping the game. The process goes like this: advertisements are shown to players all throughout the game. When the game reaches a pause moment, the gComm window appears with those items for purchase. All of the transaction and storefront handling takes place within the gaming software itself.

This way, players are not compelled to divert their attention or go offsite. Sayollo has partnered with Speechly in order to make the procedure even simpler. Speechly, a Helsinki, Finland-based company formed by researchers in 2016, is a sophisticated voice recognition program. Game developers can use Speakly’s voice recognition and navigation features without requiring any additional code.

“We are proud to be delivering a first-of-its-kind shopping experience to the Gen-Z gaming community, and believe this is how many more DTC brands will attempt to target consumers in the future,” said Jonathan Attias, co-founder and CEO of Sayollo. “Through our partnership with Speechly, gamers will have the power to make purchases without typing at all, by simply using their voice to command the process.”