Schloss-Gaillard. The first phase of the ZAC work has been completed

The Concerted Development Zone (ZAC) is a public institution for the development of urban space within the meaning of the Urban Planning Act. It was introduced by the Orientation Act of December 30, 1967 to replace the Priority Urbanization Zones (ZUP).

Established by the municipality of Château-Gaillard in the districts of Le Menie and En Rignon, it began two years ago. There are about two years of work left. The process is correct despite the conditions of the health crisis.

80 residential units over four years

The project consists of the construction of 80 residential units in four years. The first phase of this work has already been completed. The mayor, Joël Brunet, emphasizes: “Of these 80 residential units, there are 40 individual houses and 40 residential units in a two-story building. This work is to begin in the second half of the year. It is an obligation to respect to have 25% of the social housing in the community. “”

Around a third of the people have already taken their homes in their homes.