Sharable call links are now available in WhatsApp

Apps like Zoom and Google Meet typically share video call links. However, WhatsApp, a widely used messaging app, is now introducing this function, allowing users to send a link to a call to friends and family.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement today, noting that users can now easily join WhatsApp calls by clicking this link. He also revealed that the firm is currently conducting trials of encrypted video calls for up to 32 participants. The expanded group call feature was announced in April, but it appears to be rolling out to only a subset of users at the moment.

Under the calls menu, users can initiate a video connection. They can then invite others to join the video call by sending them the link.

Keep an eye out for WhatsApp app updates this week, as the call links feature will be made available to all users at that time. Unfortunately, it appears that scheduling a WhatsApp call via a link is currently not possible. What happens if a person who doesn’t have a WhatsApp account clicks the link is also unclear. We have reached out to the organisation for comment and will revise the piece accordingly.

Meta has been beta testing a new feature in WhatsApp called Communities, which allows administrators to set up separate channels within the same account for different user groups.