Some 900,000 Android applications may be deleted from the Play Store in the near future

As Google prepares to remove applications that haven’t been updated in a while, the number of options on the Google Play Store might decline by almost a third.

These methods were announced by Google and Apple to deal with applications that haven’t been updated for two years. As of this writing, Apple has 650,000 applications while Google has 869,000. Users will be unable to download these applications until the creators make the necessary updates.

To ensure the safety of their customers, both firms are taking these precautions. New APIs and development approaches, as well as updates in Android and iOS, aren’t being used by older applications, therefore they’re vulnerable. This means older programmes may have security holes that newer ones don’t.

The removal of outdated programmes after two years has been a source of contention for several developers. Many independent game developers have nothing to do after they’ve completed and launched a basic game. Developers who hold this opinion believe that Apple and Google are unfairly burdening them.

Regardless of the worries of independent developers, it’s the correct decision for user security that neither business seems inclined to shift course.