Spotify has new podcast and music discovery channels on its main page

Today, Spotify said that it will be introducing a redesigned Home interface with distinct feeds for “Music” and “Podcasts & Shows.” Users of Spotify will now see two feeds at the top of the home screen when they open the app. According to the firm, the new Music and Podcasts & Shows feeds will make it simple for consumers to browse the kind of material they’re searching for right now. Users of Android are presently receiving the redesigned Home experience, and iOS users will follow shortly.

Users will get rapid access to recommendations based on their musical preferences via the Music stream. Additionally, the feed will include buttons for sharing, like, and playing music as well as suggestions for albums and playlists. Users will get access to new episodes of their preferred programmes and tailored podcast suggestions through the Podcasts & Shows feed. Additionally, you’ll be able to read episode summaries, save to Your Episodes, and begin listening to podcasts.

It’s important to note that the new feeds won’t completely take over the site since you can still access your recently played content and top mixes. The new feeds are more of a supplement to the user’s existing Home screen and are intended to provide an engaging method for users to find new material.

According to a blog post by the firm, “Spotify’s Home is a go-to destination to uncover new suggestions and revisit previous favourites.” “And consumers will have a portal to fantastic content they will adore with a planned upgrade to Home. Users will be able to explore their suggestions in even more detail thanks to the redesigned interface.

It’s no surprise that Spotify is releasing new feeds centred on tailored for both music and podcasts because the firm has up until now distinguished itself by its cutting-edge customization and recommendation technologies.

In 2020, Spotify released its most significant Home update, improving the way information was arranged on the home screen to make it simpler for users to return to the main page or explore suggestions. Additionally, the redesign reserves the top six spaces below the daily welcome for items like the podcast you stream every morning, your exercise playlist, or the music you’ve been playing nonstop this week.

The release of the Home update coincides with a recent announcement from Spotify that it would add a separate Play Button and a Shuffle Button to the top of albums and playlists to make it simpler to play the music as you prefer. The previously available combination button, which was difficult to operate, will be replaced with these distinct buttons, which are exclusively accessible to Premium customers.