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Anthony Lopez
My name is Anthony Lopez. I’m in the graduating class of 2019, which makes me a junior at La Vega High School. I’m currently 16 and going to be 17 on February 28th. I’ve been part of the culinary team for 3 years, and I’m also a head baker on the team. Last year I placed 2nd in the Aramark Chef Competition with the assistance of my teammates Estefany and Citlaly. I have two older sisters, Heaven Lopez and Andrea Montelongo, who graduated in 2015. Along with them follows Alejandra  Montelongo, who is a Junior and Angelina who is a 6th grader at the H.P Miles. My youngest sister, Skyler, is 3 years old. My parents are Rebecca Montelongo and Anthony Lopez. I’ve been at La Vega since Kindergarten and I have been Vice President of my class for two years now. I am in the work program with Mrs. Washington, as I am a waiter at a local Mexican restaurant. I love being a waiter due to the fact I get to meet new people every day along with the tips I make. I chose to take this class because I like the environment and the people in it. Also because Mrs. Skrabanek is one of the most inspiring teachers at La Vega.

Anthony Lopez, Staff Writer, Photographer

Sep 28, 2017
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