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Branden Fabela
I joined yearbook this year because I wanted to. I’ve never been in the yearbook crew before so this is my first time here, despite being a junior. I’ve been going to la Vega for four years so I’ve been a La Vega student since my seventh grade. I’m in the 11th grade but I have a creative and imaginative mind of a 6th grader, which I pride myself on. I’m most likely one of the laziest people here in school, though I pride myself on my laziness. Just your typical American. I plan to join the military, specifically the Air Force or the Marines. I don’t plan to go to college yet, even though it’d be easier for me to join the Air Force and possibly with a preexisting rank as an officer.
I do not engage in any physical activities, besides NJROTC. I am not involved in any organizations, nor band, or other extracurricular activities. Just ROTC. If you’re interested my rank is Ensign. My only hobby is to play games. I have a dog, she’s a brown dog, unfortunately, I do not know her age or gender. She’s adopted. I’m exotic!



Branden Fabela, Staff Writer

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