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Chris Musgrove
My name is Christopher Musgrove. I’ve lived in and around Texas since I was born. It’s hot all the time, every day, no matter what season it is but that’s just Texas weather. I was born in Waco on July 2nd in the year of 2000 or so they say. I’ve gone to La Vega as long as I can remember and have made some pretty awesome friends in the process. Life at La Vega is nice most of the time but some of the drama isn’t exactly favorable. But I guess that’s what high school is all about. Although I love La Vega, I am excited to go off to college to get a degree in filmmaking and cinematography. I'll have that higher education and an even higher amount of debt. Some hobbies of mine are drawing and writing. I also like to make short films and little series, such as comedy, action, or horror. The problem with making short films and series is that I have to do it myself. A lot of people have actual lives and can’t come over whenever I need to do a reshoot, but it’s still always fun to do. I look up to Quentin Tarintino, John Carpenter, and Wes Craven who directed favorite cult classics, such as Pulp Fiction, the Halloween franchise, and the Nightmare on Elm Street.

Chris Musgrove, this is who I am bet you never knew.

Chris Musgrove, Staff Writer

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