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Denise Garza
I am currently a sophomore this year. I am fifteen and my birthday is February 14th. Both my parents have passed, my dad passed when I was 7 and my mom passed when I was 11. I currently live with one of my sisters. I grew up in a small town in Texas, called Corsicana and moved when I was 9, in the middle of fourth-grade. Since then I have been at La Vega. La Vega has opened more opportunities for me in my future. I wanted to be in yearbook this year because I love photography and I love the teacher, she has truly helped me through a lot and I’m so thankful for her. I think yearbook will help me officially decide what I want to do in my future. My seventh-grade year I only played basketball. My eighth-grade year I played basketball and ran track. Last year I ran cross country and track. This year I plan to run cross country, play soccer, and run track. This year for me is going to be busy with sports, and it is going to be a goal for me to accomplish. However, it’s not going take my mind off my grades because those will always come first.

Denise Garza, Staff Writer, Photographer

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