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Michael Roberts
I am Michael Roberts, I’ve been at La Vega since 2005 when I was in Kindergarten. Some of you know me, most of you don’t. The reason I joined the yearbook staff for the second time was that I enjoyed it the first time and it’s, honestly, one of my favorite classes by far. Personally, I’m hoping that this year’s yearbook is bigger and better than the past two years. We have the technology to make the yearbook phenomenal. After high school, I plan to go to McMurray University in Abilene, Texas. I want to attend for a Master’s degree, and once I have that degree, I’m going to attempt to apply as a Herpetologist. That’s my dream job. To be a Herpetologist, which is in the field of Wildlife Biology and Zoology. If I do not succeed in my hopes to become a Herpetologist, my fallback plan is Paleontology, as it is also something I enjoy immensely. But, before I rely on my fallback, I’d probably make multiple attempts at Herpetology until I finally fulfill and succeed at it. No promises though. My dream home used to be Ireland, but recently a certain chain of events has caused me to change my mind and once I am of age and have the money I am going to Great Britain. After a few years there, maybe I’ll go to Ireland. Don’t know just yet.

Michael Roberts, Staff Writer

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